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Diamond challenge

I am doing the Rimu challenge.Here is a blurb from my school website to tell you more about it.

It will take a full year to complete the challenge at each level and the vast majority of activities are completed at home .  The Diamond Challenge is a system that acknowledges the many worthwhile learning activities that children are involved with in, at and beyond home. These include making meals, exploring the outdoors, camping and tramping , dance, representative sport, visiting the elderly, being  creative in the arts and taking on additional academic challenges . In addition the children have the opportunity to lead their own learning by designing some of their own challenges. Own challenges must be submitted to the teacher for approval before completion.”
The Diamond Challenge is optional for children. It works as follows:

Year 2 Manuka Challenge 6 to complete

Year 3 Matai Challenge 7 to complete

Year 4 Rimu Challenge 8 to complete

Year 5 Puketea Challenge 9 to complete

Year 6  Kahiketea Challenge 10 to complete

Year 7 Kauri Challenge 11 to complete

Year 8 Totara Challenge 12 to complete

  • All of the levels have 5 categories- Giving, Service in School and the Community, Physical Activity and the Outdoors, Academic Excellence, The Arts.
  • The children must do one challenge from each category but may choose to ‘major’ in their area of preference.
  • Children cannot move up to next level until they are in the next year group.
  • Children may choose to start at a lower level initially e.g. Year 6 could start at Rimu.
  • Children may do two challenges concurrently, i.e., complete their Puketea while starting their  Kahiketea.
  • It is about relationships between the child, and their parents and teacher. It is about us encouraging  and challenging our children to aim for excellence in whatever they do
  • At the end of the year the children will wear a badge they can wear with pride in years to come.
    • If they do more then the minimum challenges that is awesome- but they will all receive the same badge at the end of the year. The Diamond Challenge is not just about the badge at the end but the process, the enjoyment along the way, and the development of self motivated learners.
    • Boys do it because it is fun, specific, involves the whole brain and is a challenge.
    • It works because it is optional- you and your child’s teacher are not forcing the child to do this- they want to!
    • Your child’s teacher will let you know the times they are available to  help you and your child with the Diamond Challenge.


Doing 10 detailed blog posts is one of my Diamond Challenges and this is my last one! :). I am so excited! The Diamond Challenge assembly is coming up this Friday  and I’m nearly done! See ya later alligators!