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Can You Beat It? There are 3 tests.


Yoyos , Otters, Umbrellas And Rhinos Ease Camly Over Optimum Lagoons.

Find this one WITHOUT highlighting.



0 = Try Again.
1= You could do better
2= Thats what Im talking about!
3= 0o0 Speechless



Jack has invited YOU to play Tanki Online, a game which is already loved by more than 20 million players all over the world!

Register to obtain your own free tank, 500 crystals to make purchases at the Garage, and a score multiplier pass for faster leveling!

There are only real players in multiplayer Tanki Online action: there are no computer bots at all. Go and enter the battle via this link: there is NO need to download or install ANY programs whatsoever!

You will find:
36 turrets, 28 hulls and dozens of paints from which you can create thousands of unique tanks;
stylish graphics with modern special effects;
clans, tournaments and championships involving your best friends and your worst enemies.

 You get new ranks,guns and hulls. I am not a war game fan but this game is still AWESOME!

Minecraft in schools

Minecraftedu is a programme of minecraft which teachers can use to teach children in minecraft. There is a tutorial teachers can chose to add. There is a special teacher password so teachers can log in with the power to: Mute and freeze students.

Teleport students (and teachers!) to them.

Become invisible and see what students are doing.

And more!

Students can only teleport to the surface if they are stuck underground.

Would you love this to happen?

For a class of 25 or less students it is only 18 dollars to get it!

I am making my own courses on survivalcraft and I am going to show my teacher and tell her about minecraft in schools!

Click this to see MinecraftEDU videos.

Cool stuff reviews #3

Hello everybody and hello from Cool stuff reviews! Today we are testing Minecraft. Hope you like it!


Minecraft is a cool game where you control a person around a landscape, and make houses and castles and dungeons with your resources you have mined or collected.


There are loads of blocks (most things are cubes) on Minecraft. Here are most of them.

minecraft blocks

There are two modes, Creative and Survival. On Survival there are monsters your have to attack and defend yourself from them. They come out at night.Minecraft_Mobs

You can also customize your character using skins.


On Creative you can fly and there is no night time or monsters, so it is  easier to create some awesome things!


You also have unlimited blocks, and almost every kind of block on Minecraft!

PS: You have lives on survival.


Cool stuff reviews #1

Hello everybody and welcome to Cool stuff reviews! Today we are reviewing Poptropica. So, enjoy!



Poptropica is an awesome online game which I highly recommend to everybody who wants an adventure. If you are  having a hard time doing something just try this link. Anyway, in the game you are a person who you change and add details at the start. Then you hop into a blimp (hot air balloon) above your character’s head.

poptropica startoff

After that, you appear on a map.


Choose an island,(you press on the sides of the map to see more). Walk around to find tasks and tap on people too. Also tap on items to get them. It sounds complicated, but it is simple to learn and I’m sure that you figure it out in a few seconds. Also,one little tip, if you want to save your progress, press the blue save button at the bottom of the screen.

 Rating: ****

Minimonos Upcycled Halloween Comp

I got a huge surprise when I got home yesterday.Guess what.I won a competition I did’nt even enter! I won 50 shells , a six month membership and any costume on minimonos.


I got a black pumpkinhead costume.

I can’t believe it. Mitchallen won second place with a 1 month membership and 25 shells.

Anyway, I’ve nearly done my Diamond Challenge…What? You don’t know what a Diamond Challenge is?Look at a future  post to find out.


Minecraft is a game where you build anything you like! Houses, hotels, tree houses and even The Empire State Building!

(Source: http://stuffpoint.com/minecraft/image/82588-minecraft-empirestate-bulding.jpg)

Loads of cool stuff can be made on Minecraft. Any famous Land mark, Sculpture or Person can be built, any dream can come true, any picture can become 3-D, and much much more.