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Jack has invited YOU to play Tanki Online, a game which is already loved by more than 20 million players all over the world!

Register to obtain your own free tank, 500 crystals to make purchases at the Garage, and a score multiplier pass for faster leveling!

There are only real players in multiplayer Tanki Online action: there are no computer bots at all. Go and enter the battle via this link: there is NO need to download or install ANY programs whatsoever!

You will find:
36 turrets, 28 hulls and dozens of paints from which you can create thousands of unique tanks;
stylish graphics with modern special effects;
clans, tournaments and championships involving your best friends and your worst enemies.

 You get new ranks,guns and hulls. I am not a war game fan but this game is still AWESOME!

Cool stuff reviews 5#

Welcome to cool stuff reviews! Today’s subject is the Hanmer Springs waterpark, the superbowl!


The superbowl is a waterslide to remember. You shoot down a dark tunnel and spin around the sides of the superbowl. Then, when you slow down, you spin slowly round the centre and fall down the hole! You can even go with your friend on a double ring! You have to go on inflatable doughnuts.


Sometimes you get stuck in the hole.