Why I need a kitten


Why I need a Kitten


Dear Dad,

I need a pet kitten.I would feed and water it every day and I would Buy it’s bed and toys. I have always wanted a kitten but I wasn’t

allowed to because Mum was allergic.


Kittens are very playful and can actually play fetch just like dogs. When I have a bad day I can let it curl up on my lap and make me feel better, You can’t really cuddle a dog, but you can cuddle a Kitten! Kittens have litter boxes so they can do their business outside and inside.


Also,Kittens are smaller than dogs so not as much mess.Their beds are smaller and they are cheaper than dogs.Kittens don’t need to bathe as much as dogs.Kittens can actually sleep on my bed! Cats are easy to please, you don’t need to take them for walks.


Maybe I could have 2 Kittens! That means when one kitten goes outside for a little Time-Out I will still have the other kitten to play with! Our kitten(s) would be a part of the family, and it would make me happy to have one ( or two ) .


I know you think that cats are vicious,and they don’t like being stroked, but Kittens aren’t like that, and by the time it is older, it would have grown to like us.Cats are very cheap to look after, they would make me happy when I’m blue, and they aren’t messy. I think having a kitten as well as a dog will make me good at caring for a variety of pets and if MY kids will want a cat, I will know how to take care of it.

From Your Favourite Child,


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