Top 5 Video Games

This is my new top 5 series.

5. Poptropica

Very cool and fun. Made by the same person who made Diary of a wimpy kid, no wonder this is on my top 5.

Coolness meter:♦♦♦♦


Fun even for haters of war games(Like me). Lots of variety and VERY addicting.

Coolness meter:♦♦♦

3.Happy wheels

Very fun and ENTIRELY player created levels. Rate and play over 1000+ levels!

Coolness meter:♦♦♦♦

2.Clash of clans

Very cool multi-player experience! Nice touches like the clan chat, troop donating and raiding other peoples villages.

Coolness meter:♦♦♦♦

1 is…











Epic game. No other words.

Coolness Meter:♦♦♦♦♦


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