The Flying fox

The Flying fox


Ever wanted to go on the most fast-paced, thrilling activity on camp? Have you heard of the thin rope you hurtle down at top speed? Have you heard of the tyres you smash into at the end? Yep, its the flying fox. After the long climb up the tower you get rewarded with a long ride down. Now, I’m not the daredevil type of person, but it was one of the most fun activities at camp.


When you are at the flying fox and you are right at the top of the tower and you are looking down at the bottom do you feel sick or anxious? If you are then don’t be. You will be perfectly fine. You will be wearing safety gear. You will be strapped in to a tight harness and wearing a strong and padded helmet. The harness will hook you on to the flying fox so that you will not fall.When you are at the end there is four tyres. Duck your head otherwise you will bump your head. When you are strapped in your harness you will be hooked in to two ropes so that if one of the ropes break you will still be safely strapped in. This activity is a great thing to do on camp,even if you are scared of heights. When you are down at the bottom you will definitely feel like doing it again.


You get a harness and a helmet from another person. Then you grab the flying fox and run to the tower. Don’t forget to flick the rope to the adult. Then you climb up the tower and get clipped on. There are two flying foxes so you can go down with a friend. You can play paper, scissors, rock for who gets which one. Get into the sitting position, then jump off! You don’t need to hold onto the rope, just do what you want! When you are going down the flying fox you can see everything. The maze, the cabins even the low ropes and confidence courses. As you go down you see all the different colors of the trees around you. You also go really fast because it is on an angle. Then when you are near the end, brace yourself for impact because there are four tyres to stop you. If you don’t duck, you will get hit in the back of your head. After you have finished your ride, you need to unclip yourself and hand your harness and helmet to another person. Don’t worry, you get about 3 turns.


Have you ever got lost somewhere at home or in the supermarket? Well make sure you don’t get lost on the way to finding the flying fox. Luckily because we have been there before, we can help you find it. It is next to the confidence course and low ropes inside the wooden abseiling tower. You climb up the ladder and you are finally there.
We have talked about safety equipment, how to do the flying fox and where to find the flying fox. flying fox is a thrilling activity, even for people with a fear of heights. It is very safe so there is no need to worry. Doing this activity will boost your confidence and you will feel less scared.

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