The Evil Within



They disappeared a month ago. I am the only person who knows what happened. It started last April…

Mr Snitch walking down the stairs into the basement. “Go get the movies!” shouted Mrs Snitch.” I know!” he said.”Grumpy old hag.” he whispered under his breath. Mr Snitch looked around for the movies but he couldn’t find them. “Hurry Up!”shouted Mrs Snitch angrily. Just as he is just about to give up he saw a small door. “How come I didn’t see this before?” he whispered to himself. It opened. Inside were stacks and stacks of movies. Horror, Action, Comedy, you name it. “ Dear, how many movies do we have?” he questioned. “ About 5” she said. “ And don’t you call me dear again!” He picks up a movie. “ ‘ The Evil Within’ “he repeats. “ Sounds interesting”. He is just about to leave when the tape grabs him. He tripped and hit the cold, hard ground.“That sorry excuse of a man better come up here right now!” yelled Mrs Snitch at the top of her voice. Then she heard a crash downstairs. “THATS IT!” she shouted. Her shout echoed all over the town, scaring little kids and frightening small animals. She stomped downstairs. “You better not be breaking anything!” The room was filled with darkness. Something grabbed her leg.


Painfully, Mr Snitch got up and felt around him for his glasses. He felt something sharp and cold. Slowly, he lifted the metal object to his face. He could see clearer, they were definitely his glasses. He put the metal object to his face. He could barely make out Mrs Snitch. “Where are we?” Mrs Snitch pondered. It was pitch black. Its Me!  “What’s that?” shouted Mrs Snitch.” I’m scared.”He who opens the door will die. He  who opens the door will die. He who opens the door will die. Then there was a scream and the room fell silent.


“Who goes there?” said Mr Snitch Bravely. The thing just kept repeating the same sentence. “Let me and my wife go!” Suddenly, he saw it. It was so horrible I can’t even describe it. I’ll give you a deal.  Leave your wife and  I’ll let you go. Stay here and  try to save her  and you DIE. He thought about it for a minute. “ You can’t be serious you’re thinking about it!” exclaimed Mrs Snitch. Mr Snitch runs away. I have you for myself now! Mr Snitch could hear her scream in the distance. He spots the door. But the thing is closing in. “ You Promised!” shouted Mr Snitch angrily. I crossed my fingers. “Do you even have fingers?”he said “ I mean look at those thi-” ENOUGH!   Mr Snitch makes a running leap for the door. But it’s too late. The thing grabs on to his leg.


Well, Thats the story. Mr and Mrs Snitch were never seen again.Oh, you’re wondering what it has to do with me? Thats a secret even I can’t tell.


Two months later, there is a garage sale. “ Hey, Dear.” said Mrs Jones.       “ Let’s get this movie.” “What is it called?” questioned Mr Jones. “It’s called ‘The Evil Within’”

By Jack Jordan

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