Sea turtles

Sea Turtles

All turtles are tortoises but not all tortoises are turtles. Sea turtles are endangered, and they need our help. In the next 3 paragraphs, we will tell you where you find sea turtles, how they survive and why they are endangered.


There are only 7 species of sea turtles left and 6 of the seven live in most warm water area. You often find the sea turtles in the reef of the Pacific. Humans are the main predators to the sea turtles which doesn’t help the mother when she comes to land and lays her eggs. They also hid underneath and eat spewed. Sea turtles are bigger than land  and freshwater turtles because of the vastness of the ocean. It has now become eligible to kill, capture or harm sea turtles.


Only 1 of every 1000 sea turtles survive. This is because dogs and birds eat them. Humans can also step on their nests. Sea turtles are very slow on land but they are smart. They wait until night to make their mad dash to the sea. Once they make it, they are still not safe. Tiger sharks can bite through sea turtle shells. Luckily, no other shark can break a sea turtle’s tough shell. They eat jellyfish and sponges. They can also eat algae, seaweed, crabs, sea cucumbers and plastic. Yes, Plastic.


Sea turtles have swum in our oceans for millions of years. Now the population is slowly dying out. The reason why this is happening is because we have been polluting the ocean and the turtles are thinking plastic is part of its diet. They have been hunted down for their shells, meat and even their eggs.The turtles nests are either destroyed by high tides, erosion, cyclones and drought. Predators such as dogs, rats and pigs raid the turtles nests for their eggs. It’s not just them, sea turtle eggs are a delicacy in East Asia. Sea turtle shells are used for jewelry and their skin is used for leather.


These turtles are coming up to extension and not many people are doing things about it.These sea creatures have been living in our seas for a long time. If we stop people hunting them for their meat ,polluting their habitat and digging up their nests we can stop the extension of the sea turtles.. Sea turtles are so innocent that they should not be punished for what some people want for money.We should be saving the ocean life not harming it.It is not right to kill sea turtles for their skin for something that we don’t need desperately need. You can help. Keep beaches clean- please do not leave trash on the beaches, and if you feel inspired, please remove trash left by others! Avoid walking on the sandy dunes above the tide line, as you could step on a turtle nest . If we do not do anything about it all they will be is a memory.


Introduction and Paragraph 2 By Jack Jordan

Paragraph 1 By Kirsty Latham

Paragraph 3 By Beatrix Sanders

Conclusion by Beatrix, Kirsty and Jack J.

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