My special object

Some people think my special object is wimpy. It is not. My Object is

a Stuffed Bear called Bestie. My Nana gave it to me when I was 8. It is very special to me because my Nana gave this to me before she had Cancer. She nearly died but she lived and Bestie reminds me of that.


Bestie is a cute little bear with love heart patches all over it saying things like ‘LOVE’ , ‘PEACE’ and ‘FUN’. It has a little red ribbon which is frayed after years of play. Its white messy fur shines in the sun. Bestie has a sad little face and its eyes are are hidden under a sea of fur. It is a bit thin after all the times my dad has sat on it. It has a giant T-shirt which is a size XXXL compared to it.
Its fur is matted and sticky after milk and water has spilt on it.  It’s cold glass eyes are locked in a hard stare. Its nose is made of hard plastic and is very bumpy. It is very soft and fluffy, even if every time you cuddle it you get something sticky and wet on you. ( What is that? ).

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