Give The Ocean A Voice

Since you have started reading this text 6,247 barrels of oil have been extracted by oil companies. Thats more than a quarter of an olympic swimming pool. Since you have started reading this article, 5,777 tonnes of coal has been collected. That’s the weight of  29 blue whales. Since you have started reading this piece of writing 344,444 cubic meters of gas has been extracted. That’s enough to fill 125 sydney opera houses. Imagine what would happen if all of that was dumped into the ocean. That’s what is happening right now. You might think that the companies did all that. You’re wrong. You burn a considerable amount each day. And that’s not just fossil fuels you use. There are loads of types of power, from oil to wind. All of that waste and gas has to go somewhere. That place is the ocean. The ocean is becoming very Alkalinic. All that stuff starts with YOU.


We burn 82.4 million barrels of fossil fuel every day. No , you aren’t reading it wrong. I didn’t make a typo. 82.4 million barrels per day. When I heard this I was shocked. I knew we were burning fossil fuels, but this much! The United States gets 84% of its total energy from oil, coal, and natural gas, all of which are fossil fuels. We depend on fossil fuels to heat our homes, run our vehicles, power industry and manufacturing, and provide us with electricity. Hurts uses the least fossil fuels. 80.6% of the total energy consumption of the world still comes from fossil fuels. But not all of our energy is from fossil fuel.


There are a lot of different types of power, and here are some of the worst. Like fossil fuels, nuclear fuels are nonrenewable energy resources. And if there is an accident, large amounts of radioactive material could be released into the environment. In addition, nuclear waste remains radioactive and is hazardous to health for thousands of years. Since palm oil is in such high demand, rainforests the size of 5 football fields disappear every minute. 83% of the world’s palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia meaning in 15 years 98% of their rainforests will disappear because of deforestation. The burning of oil for energy production purposes, like coal, results in the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere. In addition there are numerous safety hazards involved in the exploration of oil in onshore and offshore sites. Drilling may affect ocean and terrestrial habitats. The threat of oil spills exists. That oil will add to the already large ph level of the ocean.

The ocean used to be clean and rid of toxic waste. Those days are gone. Sooner or later, everything will get to the ocean. All the waste is getting to the ocean and making it more and more acidic. On a scale of one to ten our ocean is a 8.1 on the acidity scale. The shells of ocean creatures can be eroded by the acidity of the ocean. This could be a big problem in the future because the animals that eat those creatures will die and the animals who eat those those animals will die etc. Please help the poor animals who have to suffer from this ocean acidification.

You can help. Try not to leave the tap running or leave a light on when you leave the house, as this burns fossil fuel. Only turn on a light if you are in that room.Try riding a bike to school/work. It will save money and help the environment  You will be surprised how much stuff relies on fossil fuel, and how much you can do to help the environment.

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