A Strange day in July

It all happened a year ago. Judy and Tom can’t remember a thing. I feel like the world needs to know what happened that fateful day. It started like a normal day…


“Judy!” shouted Mum. “ Get out of bed, you’re going to be late for school! ” Mum shouted.

“ I’m Busy!” Judy said. Mum sighed. “  Just get down here” she said as she stirred her coffee. Tom came down the stairs like a stampeding elephant. “ There you are! ” Mum shouted angrily. “ Did I say you could sleep in? “

“ Sorry Mum.” he mumbled quickly. “ I need to get out now.” He slipped on his clothes , got his lunch out of the freezer and was just about to rush out of the house when Mum jumped in front of him. “ First, tell my why you’re in such a hurry.” Mum questioned. “ I’m late for my maths test!” he mumbled angrily. He slipped out the door and ran to school. “ Well he’s in a hurry.” I mumble.

“ Bye Mum!” I ran out the door and caught up with Tom. “ How did you get here so fast?” he questioned. “ I’ve always been faster than you.” I said. After a long day of school me and Tom walked home. We passed Judy..“ Hey, Judy!” Tom said. “ Hi David. “ said Judy. Me and Tom were walking when we passed our house. “ There’s the house! “ Tom said. We continued walking past the house. “Let’s turn round” I said edgily. We kept on walking. “ Where are we going?” questioned Tom. I try to turn around, but I fail. “ Help! “ I scream. “He-” Suddenly, silence. It had taken over our brains.


I regained consciousness at a strange pond. Tom and Judy were here. Once they all had woken up, we looked around for food and shelter. We were lucky to revive at a water source. It looked like whoever did this wanted us to survive. There were berries and lots of animals. They were lucky enough to find an abandoned bakery. Thats shelter and even more food. But, when I tried to drain the water with a strainer I found in the bakery it flew back up and hit me in the face. I called everyone to come meet me. I threw one of the smooth, white stones into the water. It flew back and hit Tom. ‘“Ow!” he shouted in pain. I threw the second stone. It narrowly missed Judy. I threw with all my might, but the third stone came skipping back. I was just about to walk away when I slipped in the mud. “ Help!” I screamed. I was being pulled into the pond by a strange force. Tom and Judy pull with all their might. Suddenly, they slip and I get dragged into the pond.

There is a voice somewhere. I feel really strange. All I can see is blinding light. I try to shout out for Judy or Tom but they are nowhere to be seen. I call out for help. I just want to be home. Suddenly, light starts to dim. Firstly, I can see Tom. About a minute later, can see Judy.After what seems like years, I can finally see everything. “ Guys!” I shout with relief. “Jump into the pond!” “But-” Tom says. “No buts.” I say.

” Now you are sounding like Mum. “ says Tom. But Judy doesn’t make a fuss. She jumps into the pond. “ Come on! “ I shove him into the pond and I jump in after them.
Suddenly, I am walking home from school without any memory of what happened. Except this diary. This is the only thing I have to remind me. I haven’t shown this to Tom of Judy. They would freak out. I’ll show them soon.

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