The Arcadian

The Arcadian


“ Anonymous, saviour of worlds, powerful sorcerer, time lord, spy, ancient, game master…” listed Katniss. “ I am honoured to meet you.” Yeah, I bet you are. “ I grumbled. “ Here we are! “ I said The first lunar theme park.” “ I’m going to be the first person on it ! “ said Katniss excitedly. Katniss jumps out of the car. “ Don’t forget your…” Katniss pieces fly everywhere. “ Space suit… “  I say slowly. I hop out of the car. The ticket guy is so surprised that he just lets me in. I go to the bathroom to get Katniss brains out of my hair. When I get what’s left of her out of my hair, I stomp out grumpily. The theme park is HUGE!  I go up to a ride. “ ‘Games through history’ “ I go up to the man. “ I get a free ride, right? “ I say to him. “ Sorry,” he says “ but you have to prove you are Anonymous before entering. I fire a giant Ice blast at him. “ That proof enough? “ I say and enter. It is a giant waterslide. I hop in and slide down. I see a ‘ RoBoJaCkMYSTERY ‘ with full diamond armour fighting the ender dragon. “ That’s Minecraft.” I say and the scene changes. I see a ‘Wheatley’ jumping on bouncy blue goo. “ That’s Portal “ I say. The other riders don’t look impressed. “ What, am I spoiling your fun? “ I say angrily. They all nod. I apologize and carry on with the ride. I see some people fencing. Nidhogg. I say in my head. The ride ends and I get out. ‘The Arcadian Cafe.’ That sounds nice. I walk up to it and ask for an iced chocolate. From there I go on the ‘ Big Shot ‘ and the ‘ The experience ‘, But the one that really catches my eye is ‘ The mind reader ’. I hop on the ride and the man smiles nervously. “ Free ride! “ he whimpers. The ride starts. I suddenly feel very faint. I hear an explosion and I black out. When I wake up I am in a hospital. I sit up and run out the door. I can hear the nurses shouting angrily, but I don’t care. I rush to the theme park to see it as good as new. “ What happened? “ I ask the ticket man. “ There was a slight malfunction.” he said. “ The whole park exploded.” “ But how is it still here? “ I ask. “The park heals itself.” he says. “ Wow.” I say. “That’s impressive.” I spend the rest of the day playing games at the arcade and watching the sea animal show at the lake.
The End

My special object

Some people think my special object is wimpy. It is not. My Object is

a Stuffed Bear called Bestie. My Nana gave it to me when I was 8. It is very special to me because my Nana gave this to me before she had Cancer. She nearly died but she lived and Bestie reminds me of that.


Bestie is a cute little bear with love heart patches all over it saying things like ‘LOVE’ , ‘PEACE’ and ‘FUN’. It has a little red ribbon which is frayed after years of play. Its white messy fur shines in the sun. Bestie has a sad little face and its eyes are are hidden under a sea of fur. It is a bit thin after all the times my dad has sat on it. It has a giant T-shirt which is a size XXXL compared to it.
Its fur is matted and sticky after milk and water has spilt on it.  It’s cold glass eyes are locked in a hard stare. Its nose is made of hard plastic and is very bumpy. It is very soft and fluffy, even if every time you cuddle it you get something sticky and wet on you. ( What is that? ).

Give The Ocean A Voice

Since you have started reading this text 6,247 barrels of oil have been extracted by oil companies. Thats more than a quarter of an olympic swimming pool. Since you have started reading this article, 5,777 tonnes of coal has been collected. That’s the weight of  29 blue whales. Since you have started reading this piece of writing 344,444 cubic meters of gas has been extracted. That’s enough to fill 125 sydney opera houses. Imagine what would happen if all of that was dumped into the ocean. That’s what is happening right now. You might think that the companies did all that. You’re wrong. You burn a considerable amount each day. And that’s not just fossil fuels you use. There are loads of types of power, from oil to wind. All of that waste and gas has to go somewhere. That place is the ocean. The ocean is becoming very Alkalinic. All that stuff starts with YOU.


We burn 82.4 million barrels of fossil fuel every day. No , you aren’t reading it wrong. I didn’t make a typo. 82.4 million barrels per day. When I heard this I was shocked. I knew we were burning fossil fuels, but this much! The United States gets 84% of its total energy from oil, coal, and natural gas, all of which are fossil fuels. We depend on fossil fuels to heat our homes, run our vehicles, power industry and manufacturing, and provide us with electricity. Hurts uses the least fossil fuels. 80.6% of the total energy consumption of the world still comes from fossil fuels. But not all of our energy is from fossil fuel.


There are a lot of different types of power, and here are some of the worst. Like fossil fuels, nuclear fuels are nonrenewable energy resources. And if there is an accident, large amounts of radioactive material could be released into the environment. In addition, nuclear waste remains radioactive and is hazardous to health for thousands of years. Since palm oil is in such high demand, rainforests the size of 5 football fields disappear every minute. 83% of the world’s palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia meaning in 15 years 98% of their rainforests will disappear because of deforestation. The burning of oil for energy production purposes, like coal, results in the emission of carbon gases into the atmosphere. In addition there are numerous safety hazards involved in the exploration of oil in onshore and offshore sites. Drilling may affect ocean and terrestrial habitats. The threat of oil spills exists. That oil will add to the already large ph level of the ocean.

The ocean used to be clean and rid of toxic waste. Those days are gone. Sooner or later, everything will get to the ocean. All the waste is getting to the ocean and making it more and more acidic. On a scale of one to ten our ocean is a 8.1 on the acidity scale. The shells of ocean creatures can be eroded by the acidity of the ocean. This could be a big problem in the future because the animals that eat those creatures will die and the animals who eat those those animals will die etc. Please help the poor animals who have to suffer from this ocean acidification.

You can help. Try not to leave the tap running or leave a light on when you leave the house, as this burns fossil fuel. Only turn on a light if you are in that room.Try riding a bike to school/work. It will save money and help the environment  You will be surprised how much stuff relies on fossil fuel, and how much you can do to help the environment.

A Strange day in July

It all happened a year ago. Judy and Tom can’t remember a thing. I feel like the world needs to know what happened that fateful day. It started like a normal day…


“Judy!” shouted Mum. “ Get out of bed, you’re going to be late for school! ” Mum shouted.

“ I’m Busy!” Judy said. Mum sighed. “  Just get down here” she said as she stirred her coffee. Tom came down the stairs like a stampeding elephant. “ There you are! ” Mum shouted angrily. “ Did I say you could sleep in? “

“ Sorry Mum.” he mumbled quickly. “ I need to get out now.” He slipped on his clothes , got his lunch out of the freezer and was just about to rush out of the house when Mum jumped in front of him. “ First, tell my why you’re in such a hurry.” Mum questioned. “ I’m late for my maths test!” he mumbled angrily. He slipped out the door and ran to school. “ Well he’s in a hurry.” I mumble.

“ Bye Mum!” I ran out the door and caught up with Tom. “ How did you get here so fast?” he questioned. “ I’ve always been faster than you.” I said. After a long day of school me and Tom walked home. We passed Judy..“ Hey, Judy!” Tom said. “ Hi David. “ said Judy. Me and Tom were walking when we passed our house. “ There’s the house! “ Tom said. We continued walking past the house. “Let’s turn round” I said edgily. We kept on walking. “ Where are we going?” questioned Tom. I try to turn around, but I fail. “ Help! “ I scream. “He-” Suddenly, silence. It had taken over our brains.


I regained consciousness at a strange pond. Tom and Judy were here. Once they all had woken up, we looked around for food and shelter. We were lucky to revive at a water source. It looked like whoever did this wanted us to survive. There were berries and lots of animals. They were lucky enough to find an abandoned bakery. Thats shelter and even more food. But, when I tried to drain the water with a strainer I found in the bakery it flew back up and hit me in the face. I called everyone to come meet me. I threw one of the smooth, white stones into the water. It flew back and hit Tom. ‘“Ow!” he shouted in pain. I threw the second stone. It narrowly missed Judy. I threw with all my might, but the third stone came skipping back. I was just about to walk away when I slipped in the mud. “ Help!” I screamed. I was being pulled into the pond by a strange force. Tom and Judy pull with all their might. Suddenly, they slip and I get dragged into the pond.

There is a voice somewhere. I feel really strange. All I can see is blinding light. I try to shout out for Judy or Tom but they are nowhere to be seen. I call out for help. I just want to be home. Suddenly, light starts to dim. Firstly, I can see Tom. About a minute later, can see Judy.After what seems like years, I can finally see everything. “ Guys!” I shout with relief. “Jump into the pond!” “But-” Tom says. “No buts.” I say.

” Now you are sounding like Mum. “ says Tom. But Judy doesn’t make a fuss. She jumps into the pond. “ Come on! “ I shove him into the pond and I jump in after them.
Suddenly, I am walking home from school without any memory of what happened. Except this diary. This is the only thing I have to remind me. I haven’t shown this to Tom of Judy. They would freak out. I’ll show them soon.

The Evil Within



They disappeared a month ago. I am the only person who knows what happened. It started last April…

Mr Snitch walking down the stairs into the basement. “Go get the movies!” shouted Mrs Snitch.” I know!” he said.”Grumpy old hag.” he whispered under his breath. Mr Snitch looked around for the movies but he couldn’t find them. “Hurry Up!”shouted Mrs Snitch angrily. Just as he is just about to give up he saw a small door. “How come I didn’t see this before?” he whispered to himself. It opened. Inside were stacks and stacks of movies. Horror, Action, Comedy, you name it. “ Dear, how many movies do we have?” he questioned. “ About 5” she said. “ And don’t you call me dear again!” He picks up a movie. “ ‘ The Evil Within’ “he repeats. “ Sounds interesting”. He is just about to leave when the tape grabs him. He tripped and hit the cold, hard ground.“That sorry excuse of a man better come up here right now!” yelled Mrs Snitch at the top of her voice. Then she heard a crash downstairs. “THATS IT!” she shouted. Her shout echoed all over the town, scaring little kids and frightening small animals. She stomped downstairs. “You better not be breaking anything!” The room was filled with darkness. Something grabbed her leg.


Painfully, Mr Snitch got up and felt around him for his glasses. He felt something sharp and cold. Slowly, he lifted the metal object to his face. He could see clearer, they were definitely his glasses. He put the metal object to his face. He could barely make out Mrs Snitch. “Where are we?” Mrs Snitch pondered. It was pitch black. Its Me!  “What’s that?” shouted Mrs Snitch.” I’m scared.”He who opens the door will die. He  who opens the door will die. He who opens the door will die. Then there was a scream and the room fell silent.


“Who goes there?” said Mr Snitch Bravely. The thing just kept repeating the same sentence. “Let me and my wife go!” Suddenly, he saw it. It was so horrible I can’t even describe it. I’ll give you a deal.  Leave your wife and  I’ll let you go. Stay here and  try to save her  and you DIE. He thought about it for a minute. “ You can’t be serious you’re thinking about it!” exclaimed Mrs Snitch. Mr Snitch runs away. I have you for myself now! Mr Snitch could hear her scream in the distance. He spots the door. But the thing is closing in. “ You Promised!” shouted Mr Snitch angrily. I crossed my fingers. “Do you even have fingers?”he said “ I mean look at those thi-” ENOUGH!   Mr Snitch makes a running leap for the door. But it’s too late. The thing grabs on to his leg.


Well, Thats the story. Mr and Mrs Snitch were never seen again.Oh, you’re wondering what it has to do with me? Thats a secret even I can’t tell.


Two months later, there is a garage sale. “ Hey, Dear.” said Mrs Jones.       “ Let’s get this movie.” “What is it called?” questioned Mr Jones. “It’s called ‘The Evil Within’”

By Jack Jordan

The Flying fox

The Flying fox


Ever wanted to go on the most fast-paced, thrilling activity on camp? Have you heard of the thin rope you hurtle down at top speed? Have you heard of the tyres you smash into at the end? Yep, its the flying fox. After the long climb up the tower you get rewarded with a long ride down. Now, I’m not the daredevil type of person, but it was one of the most fun activities at camp.


When you are at the flying fox and you are right at the top of the tower and you are looking down at the bottom do you feel sick or anxious? If you are then don’t be. You will be perfectly fine. You will be wearing safety gear. You will be strapped in to a tight harness and wearing a strong and padded helmet. The harness will hook you on to the flying fox so that you will not fall.When you are at the end there is four tyres. Duck your head otherwise you will bump your head. When you are strapped in your harness you will be hooked in to two ropes so that if one of the ropes break you will still be safely strapped in. This activity is a great thing to do on camp,even if you are scared of heights. When you are down at the bottom you will definitely feel like doing it again.


You get a harness and a helmet from another person. Then you grab the flying fox and run to the tower. Don’t forget to flick the rope to the adult. Then you climb up the tower and get clipped on. There are two flying foxes so you can go down with a friend. You can play paper, scissors, rock for who gets which one. Get into the sitting position, then jump off! You don’t need to hold onto the rope, just do what you want! When you are going down the flying fox you can see everything. The maze, the cabins even the low ropes and confidence courses. As you go down you see all the different colors of the trees around you. You also go really fast because it is on an angle. Then when you are near the end, brace yourself for impact because there are four tyres to stop you. If you don’t duck, you will get hit in the back of your head. After you have finished your ride, you need to unclip yourself and hand your harness and helmet to another person. Don’t worry, you get about 3 turns.


Have you ever got lost somewhere at home or in the supermarket? Well make sure you don’t get lost on the way to finding the flying fox. Luckily because we have been there before, we can help you find it. It is next to the confidence course and low ropes inside the wooden abseiling tower. You climb up the ladder and you are finally there.
We have talked about safety equipment, how to do the flying fox and where to find the flying fox. flying fox is a thrilling activity, even for people with a fear of heights. It is very safe so there is no need to worry. Doing this activity will boost your confidence and you will feel less scared.

Sea turtles

Sea Turtles

All turtles are tortoises but not all tortoises are turtles. Sea turtles are endangered, and they need our help. In the next 3 paragraphs, we will tell you where you find sea turtles, how they survive and why they are endangered.


There are only 7 species of sea turtles left and 6 of the seven live in most warm water area. You often find the sea turtles in the reef of the Pacific. Humans are the main predators to the sea turtles which doesn’t help the mother when she comes to land and lays her eggs. They also hid underneath and eat spewed. Sea turtles are bigger than land  and freshwater turtles because of the vastness of the ocean. It has now become eligible to kill, capture or harm sea turtles.


Only 1 of every 1000 sea turtles survive. This is because dogs and birds eat them. Humans can also step on their nests. Sea turtles are very slow on land but they are smart. They wait until night to make their mad dash to the sea. Once they make it, they are still not safe. Tiger sharks can bite through sea turtle shells. Luckily, no other shark can break a sea turtle’s tough shell. They eat jellyfish and sponges. They can also eat algae, seaweed, crabs, sea cucumbers and plastic. Yes, Plastic.


Sea turtles have swum in our oceans for millions of years. Now the population is slowly dying out. The reason why this is happening is because we have been polluting the ocean and the turtles are thinking plastic is part of its diet. They have been hunted down for their shells, meat and even their eggs.The turtles nests are either destroyed by high tides, erosion, cyclones and drought. Predators such as dogs, rats and pigs raid the turtles nests for their eggs. It’s not just them, sea turtle eggs are a delicacy in East Asia. Sea turtle shells are used for jewelry and their skin is used for leather.


These turtles are coming up to extension and not many people are doing things about it.These sea creatures have been living in our seas for a long time. If we stop people hunting them for their meat ,polluting their habitat and digging up their nests we can stop the extension of the sea turtles.. Sea turtles are so innocent that they should not be punished for what some people want for money.We should be saving the ocean life not harming it.It is not right to kill sea turtles for their skin for something that we don’t need desperately need. You can help. Keep beaches clean- please do not leave trash on the beaches, and if you feel inspired, please remove trash left by others! Avoid walking on the sandy dunes above the tide line, as you could step on a turtle nest . If we do not do anything about it all they will be is a memory.


Introduction and Paragraph 2 By Jack Jordan

Paragraph 1 By Kirsty Latham

Paragraph 3 By Beatrix Sanders

Conclusion by Beatrix, Kirsty and Jack J.